Monday, September 08, 2008

Accounting for a difference in attitudes

I've left a comment on this thread over at Andrew Bolt's den of iniquity.

Whilst there's nothing on the surface wrong with wishing someone with a mental illness well, it contrasts sharply with Bolt's treatment of Catherine Devaney's rumoured mental illness (Detailed at this excellent website here)

Basically, Bolt and his commenters were calling for Devaney to be fired in the wake of unsubstantiated rumours that Age columnist Catherine Devaney had received a possible diagnosis of Bi-Polar disorder. Apparently that's compassion.

His commenters, as Bolt was well aware they would, went one further and suggested her views were a result of that rumoured and unsubstantiated illness.

Of course, when it's one of his friends who suffers, things are vastly different.

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Dam Buster of Preston said...

I noted that Tim Blair had an almost word for word post on his blog about the same topic....

Bolt is truely an ass of the highest order.