Friday, August 15, 2008

Too Early

Two things I've noticed in the last two days -

*Wattle around my area is out and yellow already.

*At a beauty salon on my walk to the station - Christmas decorations.

Have I fallen asleep and woken up months later? Have I been in a coma?
Have I been so engrossed in Guitar Hero that I've lived hermit-like without realising it?

Or are people (and plants) just more screwed up than I thought?

1 comment:

notahedgehog said...

It's not you. The wattle is well and truly in bloom - beautiful yet unsettling. Around here, we're starting to get blossoms on some of the other trees as well.

Maybe the Christmas stuff says something about how hard the shops are being hit by the economic downturn, but I think it says more about the fact that Easter and the mid-year stocktake are done and it's hard to come up with decorations that represent Fathers Day.