Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Sydney Photos - Finally!

Busy at the moment, with work and another blogging project in the works. In the meantime, Photos from my Sydney trip, Finally.

First cab off the rank - Nicholas, the WonderBaby, with patented NeverCry technology:

Amber, Shay And Nicholas with their Grancha:

Benjamin and Nicholas, trying to stay still for the camera:

Some landmark thing. I hear it's big in Sydney:

The creepy face I had entirely forgot about, in the National Park next door to my Aunt and Uncles house:

The Three sisters. I'm actually rather pleased with this shot:

Some other landmark, dancing to a tune no-one can hear (In other words, my inability to disable a pretty cool function on the camera results in a pretty funky shot:

An almost good shot of the Gorge at Katoomba ruined by those bloody pilgrims:

Better Gorge Shot:


EC said...

If only you could be sure of ending up with a NeverCry baby. I might actually have one then.

Bron said...

That's a great shot of the Three Sisters. I like that one.

Keri said...

Well, that's it, EC. You can't be sure you'll get a Nicholas - he never cries and sleeps 12 hours a night straight through. His cousin (and his dad and uncle are twins) doesn't stop crying, ever, and sleeps bugger all.

Keri said...

Oh, and thanks Bron!

I'm getting that one enlarged and mounted.

Bron said...

Would it surprise you that I giggled at "enlarged and mounted"?

Keri said...

Would it surprise you that I knew you would?

Bron said...

No, not really.

Sassy said...

Gorgeous photos.

...and I giggled too.

Kristin said...

Oh what beautiful pictures! LOL at "enlarged and mounted".

nh said...

Nice photos!

Keri said...

Thanks ICLWers!

And you've all got dirty, dirty minds.

Magic Bellybutton said...

Considering you knew we'd find "enlarged and mounted" funny, I'd say you're pretty much the bad influence around here.

Not that I'm saying I found it funny. No. Not me. Nosireebob.

Keri said...

No, no. YOU all have dirty minds.

I'm just pandering to it.