Friday, August 22, 2008

Feed Problem Update

After yet another person* pointed out that my default feed craps on about Russian DVD's but doesn't show my crapping on, I've done something about it.

Well, I've got absolutely no idea how to fix the default feed. But I have set up a new feed that should circumvent that problem. If you have Google Reader, click on "Add Subscription" and enter the following address in full:

If you've got some other reader, do something similar. I'm sorry, but I only use Google Reader, so I don't know what you'd do with other reader services.

At the moment if you search for the name of my blog, the crap feed that doesn't work is still coming up. I don't think I can do anything about that either. The new feed might show up in time, it might not. I don't know.

I know that doesn't help if you're already subscribed to the default feed since you won't see this post to change it, but I'm not sure that there's anything I can do about that.

If anyone has any ideas as to how I can change the default feed back to the real content and not the hi-jacked/spammed content, that would be great. If not, follow the instructions above.

* Thank you to everyone who has pointed it out. Much appreciated.


Thanks to Arpee's suggestion, the feed should now be available on whatever reader you happen to be using. Please let me know if this is not the case


jason said...

Nice solution Keri

Keri said...

It was all I could think of, Jason!

Arpee said...


Since you have feedburner now, I have 2 suggestions for you:

1) Add the RSS chicklet to your blog of that will be easier for your readers to subscribe to your RSS feed (instead of having to go to their own Google Reader and cut and paste your feed URL.). Find the chicklet's code at Feedburner>Publicize>Chicklet Chooser

2) Activate the SmartFeed at Feedburner>Optimize. This will "Translate your feed on-the-fly into a format (RSS or Atom) compatible with your visitors' feed reader application." So if your subscriber uses Google Reader, s/he will get your feed automatically in that format. If another subscriber uses another reader (eg Bloglines, MyYahoo, etc.), it s/he will automatically get your feed in that format as well. No need to limit your subscriber to Google Reader.

Hope that helps!

Keri said...

Arpee - I've activated the smartfeed.

I know that means it's now available and compativle with other feed readers now, but I'm not sure if it takes precedence now over the broken feed.

Fingers corssed, and thank you so much for the advice!