Wednesday, July 09, 2008

You can't has a sense of humour, of that I'm sure.

I have to do a presentation Monday after next at work on Contactors, and since I'm not going to be here next week and it's first thing, I have to get it finished up this week. Which leaves me two days.

Does it make me more or less of a geek if I wanted* to call the presentation "I can Has Contactor?"** with the above picture below it?

*For, like, a minute. I wouldn't really give a work presentation called "I can Has contactor?"

**This if funny because the above picture is of a circuit breaker, not a contactor. A circuit breaker contains a contactor, which switches off the current when the circuit breaker decides that the current is too high. The contactor then opens the circuit***, thus breaking it. So if a circuit breaker asks "I can has Contactor?", it's playing up on the fact that it's actually the contactor, not the Circuit Breaker, that breaks the circuit.

*** Contrary to popular belief, to turn off a device, you must open the circuit, not close it. Closing a circuit turns a device on.

Ehm. I think I just proved my point. More of a geek, definitely.


Magic Bellybutton said...

Goddammit. I don't read your blog to learn things!

*washes brain & eyes*

Keri said...

Sorry, MBB. Will return to inanity ASAP.

Chuck A. Spear said...

This blog is an example of a sloppy blog.

Keri said...

Sorry, Chuck.

I'd post a photo of me with my shirt off as you did, but I'm afraid of scaring children.

Nic said...

Scare the damn kids! I found your article on circuits absolutel......zzzzzzzzzzz fascinating....yawwwwwnnn....

just kidding! I can honestly say that was a first! If my DH saw me reading that he'd have me sectioned....again.