Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two song reviews

I've downloaded two songs this week and one i've been listening to frequently because it's good, and the other because it keeps pissing me off.

First up, I Kissed a Girl by Kate Perry.

Let's set aside the fact that Perry is the latest in a long line of shouting-in-tune 'singers' made popular by Kelly Clarkson. I'll also set aside the mechanising of her voice in the chorus, and that it's a pop song in the mould of those i'm generally a fan of, and go straight for the two things that bugged me the most - Lyrics and Video.

Firstly, Katy, no self-respecting vamp is bowled over by the kind of woman who wears 'Cherry Chapstick' nor does she enjoy the taste.

Secondly, it's unlikely your boyfriend will mind, as for some reason men have this thing about two women kising, but if it really is something you're concerned about, how about not getting it on with strange women?

And don't go on for a verse about how irresistable women are with their soft kissable lips and try and tell me it's 'no big deal, it's innocent'

You wanted her, didn't you? Those soft kissable chapstick coated lips were just too hard to turn down, weren't they? Nothing wrong with that, Katy, but please don't tell me otherwise.

And the video. I can see Katy was aiming for sex-kitten, but she missed by a mile. It was the least sexy video I've ever seen. I've seen Meatloaf videos with more sex appeal.

Now, on to the second song. Viva La Vida by Coldplay. First things first, if you're looking for a snarky review of this song, I'm afraid I'm going to have to let you down.

I loved it. The composition is the musical equivalent of taking a boat ride on a harbour. It peaks and troughs in the most glorious way and the layers meld together without being over the top.

I've listened to this song probably thirty times in the last twenty four hours and I'm finding something new every time I listen to it.

To me, that's the mark of a great song.


Acyd said...

first off, i have never been particularly fond of coldplay but viva la vida is a very awesome song, i too have it on repeat.

secondly, katy perry's song is fucking awful. i think katy is not only sexually repressed but not sexy at all. i hadn't seen the video until you mentioned it, and you're right, she comes off as painfully awkward.

i for one have kissed many girls and they all loved it, my boyfriend never minded and though i never knew their names, they always knew mine ;)

Keri said...

She looks like she doesn't want to be associated with it, doesn't she? And i'm willing to bet whoever wrote that song has never kissed a girl. It's just so trite.

momofonefornow said...

Hi from ICLW,

Agreed...and agreed. No need to say more!

Indigo said...

LOL! I made my husband listen to this song yesterday and I told him the same thing, that women do not wear Cherry Chapstick.

I'm hear from ICLW.

Keri said...

No, that's right. Women do not.

Girls might, but a woman?

Not a chance!

Michelle said...

Visiting from ICLW

I agree with your take on both songs!