Tuesday, July 01, 2008

There's a theme emerging here

This week is the week I get lazy on your arse. I'm in the midst of writing something on prison conditions and reform, and it's taking the very little time I have available to write that. So posts this week will be here, but they won't be up to my usual sparkling standard.

Okay. Fine. They'll be better, because I won't be using too many words.

Lazy blog post # 2 - Why I love tennis:

Safin. Hot. Fiery. Hot. Talented. Hot.

My tip for the winner

Marat Safin - a man's man.

Who doesn't love a man who can tell the linesperson where to go fluently in three languages?


Nic said...

And obviously his superb tennis ability!!!!! ;-)

Keri said...

Oh, yes. That too.