Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Speaking of Songs

On the weekend, something happened to me that only happens once, maybe twice (if I'm lucky) a year:

To the tune of "I got You" by James Brown

I feel good! (Da der da der da der da)
We beat Collingwood (Da der da der da der da)
I feeeeeel nice. (Da der da der da der da)
'Bout beating the Pies (Da der da der da der da)

So good! (Da da) So Good!
Sucks to be you (Da da der da da)

Collingwood Supporters, you may have noted that we kicked your arse on the weekend.

This is because our team is vastly superior to yours. Even in the years where we are shit.

Our fans are superior to yours. Your cheersquad - it has no teeth. Or jobs. Or grasp of personal hygiene.

Did I miss any other outrageous stereotypes? No?

Good. My work here is done.


Magic Bellybutton said...

Football. That's a sport, right?

Keri said...