Thursday, July 10, 2008

So bad I had to buy it

Anyone who knows me will know that I'm an impulse buyer. But last night, I had good reason.

I was at my local supermarket, and glanced as I waited for my turn at the magazine stand.

Sitting next to the Take 5 Pocket Puzzler (I took a look, the only thing puzzling me was why you'd pay $4 for it) was this months Readers Digest.

A quick persual of the cover revealed the follwing articles:

  • WARNING! Your kids are germ bombs (GET RID OF THE FILTHY LITTLE VERMIN*)
  • WHERE HAVE ALL THE DOCTORS GONE? (They're hiding from the germ bombs is my guess)
  • Who do we TRUST? (Not Readers Digest?)
  • 16 ways to declutter (Throw things out)
  • WHAT GARDENS TELL US (Anyone thinking Little Shop of Horrors?)
  • An article on "Chinglish"

And photograph of Cate Blanchett where she seems to be trying not to laugh in the photographers face. She's got this look on her face that say "What?"

I know, I know. Hardly earth shattering stuff, but I'm writing this post on religion and it's getting me down.

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