Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick Update

Jebus. You'd think that with a week off and constant access to the intertubes, i'd be able to post more often, not less.

But of course, on holiday there are things to do, cousins to entertain (Six under seven), and places to visit that I haven't seen in years.

So a quick update. My aunt who hasn't been doing too well had a good night tonight, and recognised me for the first time since I got here. I visited Katoomba today, and took about a hundred and fifty photos of Echo Point and the Three Sisters. It's been about two days since my four month old cousin vomited on me, and things are going really well.

So, i'll have a fuller update tomorrow, but in the meantime, keep Melbourne warm for me.


Nic said...

Well, hooray for only one episode of vomiting on you!

Life is good!

Tash said...

Hey - Katoomba!! I've been there and I also have a few hundred photographs of the Blue Mountains and those rocks - not to mention the Giant's staircase!!

A visitor from IMLW!