Friday, July 11, 2008

Just for Ant

Ant, because I know you love to hear what gastronomic delights everyone is partaking of, I present you with the above.

This was the starter for the three course meal my mother (with my brothers assistance) laid out for us last night. It's a baguette, with pesto, marinated yellow and red peppers, artichokes and fried panchetta. The brown line artistically swirled around the plate? That's a sweet balsamic vinegar glaze.

And it was awesome.

The main course was home-made Larb Gai (A thai chicken salad where the chicken is minced and cooked with an onion, thai chilli, lime juice and, for something not entirely thai, my mother adds kechup manis reduction)

The dessert was my brothers take on my dessert of a few weeks ago. He also got artistic and mixed up the couveture by drizzling the milk chocolate over the white and vice-versa.

Just another reason I love living in family of chefs.


Nic said...

Oh, WONDERFUL. Lucky you! We had supermarket pizza for dinner. So yummy. Not.

Keri said...

if I was cooking, I would probably do something similar, but chef parents keep me from the freezer section.