Monday, July 21, 2008

I'm going to need a Bex and a good lie down after this one.

Rumours has it that David “So delicious I come with a spoon” Tennant will not be staying on past this years Christmas special.

And rumour further has it that David Morrissey, who is guest starring in the 2008 Christmas Special (And, co-incidentally or not, was David Tennants co-star in Blackpool) will be replacing him.

Rumour could have said anything beyond this point. It could have offered me a free trip to Hawaii, Colin Firth in Mr. Darcy get-up for all time and Captain Jack deciding he really does love girls after all – specifically this girl – and I wouldn’t have heard a word.

Because I was looking at this picture, and what raced through my mind – well, it isn’t really polite to say. Even my profile picture would blush if I told you.


Magic Bellybutton said... David Tennant?????


Although, his (possible) replacement is, well, shall we say ... acceptable.

Keri said...

That's the word on the streets, MBB. It breaks my heart as well, but David Morrissey has been a star in my book since Blackpool days, and his work in S&S (The BBC adaption, not the Emma Thompson/Alan Rickman version)

He's good. He wouldn't let us down.

But if David T does have to go, then my money would be on David M, because Russell T Davies does have a habit of using actors he's worked with before, and David Tennant and Billie Piper were actors he'd used at least once before.

Sassy said...

I so cannot keep up. It is cool that they're not afraid to shove off characters though.

And can I just say, it's very cool to meet another Melbourne blogger.

Keri said...

Ta, Sassy!

Russel T Davies isn't one to rest on his laurels, so if David Tennant wanted to go, he'd see itvas an opportunity.

Dreams Come True said...

David Tennant leaving??? But, I love him! He's awesome!!!

Ah, well... I guess it's the way of the series, right?

Carrie said...

Firstly, Thank you so much for your comment for IComLeavWe. Isn't it nice to come across new blogs.

That is a rather sweet picture, I am sure you were thinking sweet thoughts, no?!

alicia said...

very nice pic!! I can imagine what you were thinking!

here from ICLW!

Keri said...

It is the way of the series, and as I said, it is a rumour.

But if David has to go, I'm all for Mr. Morrissey replacing him.

Kim said...

no sure what this post is about - sorry! here from iclw

Keri said...

It's about Doctor Who, Kim.

There's speculation that David Tennant won't be staying on as the Doctor.

bendingbackwards said...

Very nice pic! I agree on the delicious part as well. :)

Here from iComLeavWe.


Wouldn't it be cool if they brought one of the original doctors back??? Assuming that they are still alive/acting.

smartypants said...

We are just starting the 3 part season four finale here in America. I really love David Tennant though. I would be sad to see him regenerate. After the first episode of the finale though...we are on pins and needles to watch the rest...Will I FINALLY understand what Bad Wolf is?

Keri said...

Yes, you will find out what Bad Wolf means. It all makes sense after you think about it.