Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Gremlins in the system

It's been brought to my attention (Thank you!) that my RSS feed has not only been spammed, but isn't working.

Something about Russian DVD's may appear, or nothing at all.

At this stage, I'm putting it down to a feedburner thing I set up about two weeks ago, which I'm in the process of deleting.

In the meantime, be assured that I do not advocate Russian DVD's, but I wholeheartedly recommend nothing.

UPDATED: Deleting the feed isn't working (It's going to hang around for 30 days) and deleting the code from my template isn't working either. Help. Someone? Anyone?


theycallmebobby said...

I am probably the last person to help you with this as I only know enough about this kind of stuff to be dangerous but does this site help?

(a visitor from ICLW).

Echloe said...

Sorry. I have no idea how to deal with things like that. Hope you figure it out sooner than 30 days though.

ICLW visitor.

Keri said...

Thanks guys. I've posted something at the help group over a Google as well, so hopefully something will help me resolve it.

Will check out that website now, bobby.