Friday, June 06, 2008

Why I love my hair straightener.

I'll let the evidence speak for itself. This is what happens when I don't have time to de-curl:

(Why my neck looks so long in this photo is a mystery)


And I'll include two other pictures taken today. One by me (The top one) and one by a workmate.

Look, it was a slow day. It was either this or the pub, alright?

I'm loving the expression on my face here, doesn't make me look like an idiot at all.


Iain Hall said...

I am eternally amused by the fact that everyone i know with curly hair wants it to be straight, and everyone with straight hair longs for curls...
some amusing pictures though...

davefromalbury said...

Oh the hypocrisy of the interwebs! Where's your bloody Grods Caption Comp? Admittedly none of your photos are even remotely as shocking as mine, but it's unjust none the less.

Keri said...

Especially the last one, Dave.

Take it up with Ed. He makes the decisions!