Monday, June 30, 2008

Let us choose to be free from pain.

Thank you, Tracey Spicer, Thank you.

I’ve just finished reading your article on the Herald Sun website. It puts into words the dilemma faced by so many people.

Why can’t we try and ensure less people face this choice? It could so easily have gone either way. It could so easily be the defence of a woman facing criminal charges.,21985,23944333-5000117,00.html

My final words:

The price of quality of life is sometimes death. That should not mean we shrink from it. Every man and woman should be able to choose between a struggle and peace when faced with death. Every patient should have the right not to be in pain, even if that pain relief ends their life.

There is no excuse for withholding pain relief, if it is asked for in the case of a terminally ill patient. The law should be relaxed to allow doctors to treat terminally ill patients in pain when they ask for pain relief, without limit, if they are still in pain.

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