Wednesday, June 04, 2008

It might be rotting my brain, but it's saved me fifty bucks.

If, whilst gardening (I'm so rock & roll it hurts), you twinge your neck slightly pulling down a tree thing, a word of advice;

Ditch the physio, and pick up the Wii controller. I've been playing the last two nights on my brothers girlfriends Wii (Which has been kindly deposited at our house for all our geeky needs), and felt something slide into place last night on a particularly swingy backhand.

I've also noticed that my tennis game on the Wii is exactly like my game in real life. Serve - Erratic but teriffying. Backhand - a thing to behold. Forehand - Get out of the way, spectators, because it's coming straight for your head.

My softball skills of old seem to have been retained, however. I'm yet to have a run scored against me.

Take that, bobble-headed enemies!


Jeremy said...

So... you're looking for an opponent with a wii, eh?

Keri said...

That sounds like a challenge, sir!

Chuck A. Spear said...

I just bought an Xbox, but I would love a wii too.

Keri said...

It's very addictive, Chuck.

I had to stop on Wednesday when my arms were getting sore.

John Surname said...

You're all nerds.