Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Getting closer to Jaded

Getting off the train yesterday, I noticed an older lady struggling with a large bag/suitcase thing. There was a fair gap between the train and the platform, so I made a move to help her and said “Would you like a hand?”

She backed up, clutched it closer to her and said in an angry voice “Don’t try and steal my bag!”

People sniggered around me; I got off and just shook my head.

Am I the only person left in the world with any faith in humanity?


bron said...

Stupid old people!

bron said...

And if we young uns don't help them, they complain that we're lazy and selfish!

Keri said...

Yeah, you see so many comments from older people that younger folk don't help out, and then when you do, they accuse you of theft.

Grumpy bugger.

Anonymous said...

no good deed goes unpunished

The Editor said...

You do look a bit shifty, Keri. Must be the curly hair.