Friday, June 20, 2008

Don't expect others to do your job.

Gordon Ramsey has always been a man who drops the F word frequently. One of his shows is actually called The F word.

Is anyone not aware of this? No? You all knew? It's clear in the advertisments, the fact that it's discussed at least once a week in most media?

So exactly why would you let your child watch this show if you don't want them exposed to bad language? You don't? But you're afraid they'll watch it anyway? At nine thirty at night? Presumably in your own home?

Um, just a questions, imaginary parent. Just a quick enquiry:

What in the name of all that is holy are you doing whilst your child is watching this show behind your back?

Because you're clearly not being a parent.

First of all, stop expecting the state to do what you should be doing yourself. Don't want your kids exposed to 80 "Fucks" in forty minutes? Don't let them watch it.

Don't want your kids swearing? Discipline them.

And you are aware that they'll pick it up anyway, aren't you? In the playground, at school. On the train. From their friends. The best thing you can do is set your own example, and make it clear you don't like it.

I don't use the "F word" in front of my parents. I very rarely do. It slips very occasionally, but in the main, I don't. Not because Gordon Ramsey wasn't around when I was a kid. Because they taught me that they deserved that respect.

Do yourself a favour and stop expecting everyone else to parent your child and do the job yourself.

I cannot believe in this day and age that a Senate enquiry was convened on this issue, I really can't.


Iain Hall said...

Spot on Keri I make a point of reserving swear words to times when they provide catharsis (hitting one's thumb with a hammer ect) or to times when I really want to make my displeasure known. when over used they lose their "power", People who use "fuck" as the universal conjunctive do themselves no favours when they really need emphasis.

John Surname said...

Iain shut the fuck up you fucking gasbag.

Iain Hall said...

John what give you the right to try to police some on else's blog?
If I say anything that is offensive to the blog owner I am sure that she will tell me.
So why don't you mind your own business and leave Keri to hers.

John Surname said...

"Her's" Iain. And "gives".

I don't know what Keri thought of my comment, but I imagine she was tickled by it.

Evan said...

I wonder if A Current Affair's seemingly constant coverage of this has anything to do with the fact that Ramsay is on 9...

Keri said...

Evan - It wouldn't surprise me at all. They've been kicking some serious arse in the ratings because of Ramsey.

Keri said...

Oh, and the other two, I'll address this off-blog.

Suze said...

As a parent, I have to say, you're abso-fuckin-lutely right with that post Keri.

OK so my kids are teens now, but when they were little? They weren't allowed to watch stuff like Gordon, usually because they were in this place called bed...odd concept, I know, putting your kids to bed and making them stay there.
Geez some people drive me spare with their blame everyone attitudes.
Found you at Aussie Bloggers, btw...

Keri said...

Thanks, Suze.

It was all I could do not to say "In my day!"