Monday, June 23, 2008

Carlton vs. Essendon - A recap in two languages.

In FootySpeak:

Suck it, Carlscum.

You bought the best player in the AFL with dirty money from a criminal, and he still got done good by Andrew Welsh. Plus, Matthew Lloyd, the champion of diving made him look soft. David Hille, all 100+ kilos of him, made Judd look slow. Plus, our new number five made mince of your midfield. Serves you right for tanking for two years to get picks.

And you got done by six goals. Even with Chin Man up forward.

Plus, this week you were proven to be Dickless.

English Translation:

Essendon yesterday defeated Carlton.

Best on Ground was hotly contested by Andrew Welsh, Brent Stanton and David Hille. Andrew Welsh again took on a tagging role with distinction, noteably on Carlton high-profile recruit Chris Judd.

Coming back from a 42 point turn-around in the third quarter, Essendon went on to win by 31 points. Even a seven goal haul from Fevola couldn't save Carlton.

Matthew Lloyd had another stellar game, concluding with four goals.

Carlton hadn't had a good week before Sunday, with Club President Richard Pratt stepping down after criminal proceedings against him by the ACCC.


bron said...

Until I read the English translation, I had no idea what you were on about. What language were you speaking in?

Keri said...

FootySpeak, Bron!