Thursday, May 15, 2008

You must die! I alone am best.

I found two unmarked CD’s in my CD holder last week and as I was loading photos on to Flikr, and hoping they were some of the 400 photos I’m missing so far, I stuck it in the drive to find out what was what.

They weren’t photos, as I had hoped, but something even more interesting – two CD’s chock full of MP3’s my ex had copied for me from his old computer.

Some of them were total, utter crap – the kind of music I would be unlikely to listen to if you paid me – but a lot of it was great. Nineties songs and bands I had loved, earlier stuff & fairly recent stuff all vying for my attention. And that was so like our relationship, really. For every ten crap songs, there is a sold gold favourite of mine I had never been able to track down. So I thought I‘d stick a list of the songs I’ve been playing in the last few days.

Ant, you will notice there is not a single Beatles track amongst them.

Colour Blind – Counting Crows
Mope – Bloodhound Gang (Who doesn’t love the Pacman bit in this song?)
Louis Burdett – The Whitlams Live (I have no idea why I don’t have a live version of this song on MP3, but I don’t)
Lemon – U2
Cornflake Girl – Tori Amos
Comin’ up from Behind – Marcy Playground (I actually squealed when I found this. Ten years ago I LOVED this song. This and Sex and Candy by the same band are the nineties for me)
The One – Foo Fighters
Fast as you Can – Fiona Apple
Bastard Son – George (I always preferred Tyrone to Katie Noonan)
Get Off – Dandy Warhols (In my opinion, their finest song. When I find a place that has this as a Karoke song, I’m set. Alternatively, someone who can play the guitar bits)
Sheep go to Heaven - Cake (All of a sudden I’m 16, at Melbourne Central with a giant sheep someone won at the Show, letting it slide down the middle barrier of the escalators down to the station, laughing hysterically as people are startled by a large sheep gathering speed. We were SO cool)
Bohemian Like You – Dandy’s again. Before they became every ad on TV
Insomnia – Faithless
I love you, But…. – Friendly
Sexxlaws – Beck
Your Woman – White town

Bonus points if you can tell me what song the title of this post is from. Think late nineties/Early 2000


Ant Rogenous said...

I notice you've got Fiona Apple on your list. Do you like the version of Across the Universe she did a few years back?

And I finally found something we can agree on: Tyrone over Katie Noonan. I can't stand her overdone melismatic wailing, and Bastard Son is easily the best of George's songs.

Keri said...

Can't say I've heard it, Ant. I'll have to have a look.

I can't come at glory noting. It's the reason I hate Celine and Maria et al. It doesn't matter how good their voices are, they ruin it with the dramatics.

And Tyrone is definately better, and Bastard Son was streets ahead of anything else they did.

Magic Bellybutton said...

Um... Bloodhound Gang?

I need to get out my Marcy's Playground CD again now. Unless I've loaded it onto the PC.

Oh fuck, maybe it's in storage! Dammit.

Magic Bellybutton said...

I now have a sudden desire to listen to Shed Seven. No idea why, just thought I'd share.

Keri said...

Yep. Specifically, I hope you die.

Marcy Playground rocks.

Jens said...

Bloodhound Gang - I Hope You Die
How many bonus points do I get? :-)

I just listening through some of my old MP3s ... the pacman in Mope is really great

Keri said...

100 is about the usual. And that's very true. Any song with Pacman saying 'Yo, Yo, Yo, what it is Motherfuckers?' is tops in my book.