Thursday, May 15, 2008

Orphaning and Anonymity

A bill was recently passed in the United States regarding Copyright.

I'll keep this brief, as no-one wants a huge dissertation on a legal matter, because, well, it's more boring than listening to me rattle on for an hour about how my brother was wearing my socks the other week.

Basically, what it means is that if the copyright holder is "difficult or impossible to contact", then the work is considered an "orphan" work and it's fair game - unless you register the work with a third party agency, who presumably would charge for the priviledge. There are also changes to the derivative part of copyright, and the limits an Orphan work author can claim IF they have registered the work, which would not cover the cost of legal action for copyright infringement.

What does all this mean for bloggers? Well, for me, nothing. I'm not anonymous, and couldn't be considered "difficult or impossible to contact", but for those of you out there who are anonymous, it could certainly be a factor.

Have a look, if copyright of your work is important to you. I just hope no such change is considered here.

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