Sunday, May 04, 2008

Once Sentence Reviews

Because I'm chronically long-winded and on my way to the football (Please, Bombers, please, don't make my journey be in vain), I've decided to do a quick review of the songs that have been haunting me lately. In one sentence or line only.

Lights & Music, Cut/Copy - What the hell? This song is disturbingly catchy, yet disturbingly bad.
I Don't Do Surprises, Axle Whitehead - I don't hate this song, which goes to show the formula, if nothing else is right.
Whatever that song is called by The Kooks - You've clearly been listening to too much Arctic Monkeys.
Fascination, Alphabeat - Why are you making the female singer sing in two different keys in one line?
Only a woman can, Brian McDelta - I know you've lost a lot of weight and can hold a tune, but for the love of god, could you have written a more prosaic song if you'd tried?

That's all for this weekend. Go Bombers! (Please)

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