Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Here We Go Again

I've been getting calls to my mobile from a private number. No-one talks, and last night a strange number called me, and my brother and myself decided to leave the call open, recorded the number and sat back to see just how much money whoever it is was prepared to waste.

Four minutes odd is the answer.

It's been happening on and off since Friday, and last night it ramped up. Three calls last night and one today.

Did you know that even if you block your number, the number is still available to both your telecommunications carrier and mine?


Well, you do now.


bron said...

Are you going to ask your communications company to find out the number? It might be worthwhile if it continues.

It's too creepy. *shudder*

Keri said...

Oh, I know who it is, Bron.

And funnily enough, the calls have stopped since this post went up.

Fucking cowards.

Dave said...

I don't know you personally, so I dont know who is calling you - but your statement that you can get the number is so clearly a bluff!

In Aus (where I assume u are from) u actually have to document the times at which you have been receiving prank calls, and then you contact the telecommunications carrier with those details. If they determine from their records that its the same person calling you over and over, then they can send that person a warning letter.

However, they will never ever EVER give you that person's number or identity.

So I'm glad your calls have stopped, but someone had to call u out on this obvious bluff...

Keri said...

I didn't say the telecommunications company will give you the number, I said it was available to both telecommunications companies.

As it stands, I have in the past blocked numbers from calling me by documenting three instances of unwanted contact and getting my teleco to send a letter.

I know the person who was calling me reads this, and this was my way of saying I knew who it was and that hiding behind a private number doesn't protect them from the telecommunications companies.

dave said...

riiiight - but if you don't get access to the number then how can you possibly have any idea who is calling you? If you don't have the number and there's no way you can get it, how can you possibly say that you "know" who is calling you?

... and if your response is "oh well, I just know" - then why wouldn't you either a) name the person or b) call them up and tell them to stop? Either of those methods would be better and more direct then going through a telco (who are only empowered to send a warning letter and nothing else).

At least admit that you were trying to bluff initially - come on, you know you want to. Come clean hun...

Keri said...

Because it's happened before. Because there are only two people who would bother, and one isn't likely to be doing that, because they know what would happen if they did.

Because I spoke to a friend of this person recently, and they admitted it was them when I mentioned it.

And calling this person would not make them stop, it would only encourage them. Whereas letting them know that I know it's them in a public way seems to stop them.

I rang the teleco to get the calls a) blocked and b)to get them to send the letter in the hope it would put the wind up them.

Before I could get a third instance of unwanted contact, the calls stopped, so I didn't need to take that action, thankfully.

dave said...

hmmmmkay, so if you are so 100% certain then where's the name sweety?

Keri said...

I don't name anyone here unless they have a blog presence and are happy about it. I conceal quite a bit for the sake of the privacy of others.

Why would this be any different?

The aim of this wasn't to name the person, it was to get them to stop.

daave said...

Oooooh okay - so now u are concerned with the privacy of the person? Despite the fact that you have called them a "fucking coward"? Despite the fact that the name of a person is mentioned in the comments on this page?

Who are you kidding?

Keri said...

Calling them a fucking coward because they prank call me and withhold their number doesn't breach their privacy.

How else would you describe someone who calls you from a "private number" and doesn't say anything? It's not exactly the action of a brave person, is it?

I didn't post the anonymous comment, and I certainly haven't confirmed it is. Neither have I denied it, for reasons I can't go into.

If I could delete the anonymous comment, I would. But I don't seem to have that function.

Keri said...

I have deleted two comments (after I finally worked out how) on this post, as they identified someone I don't care to have indentified. As the second also contained criticism of me, and I don't agree with deleting comments that do that, I have attached the comment from Dave here:

so you know who it is but you can't rule **** out?

either you know exactly who it is, or you don't. which one is it?

anyway, i think i've given this blog far more attention than it actually deserves (although given that you seem like a chronic attention-seeker I'm sure you have loooooved it...)

bye bye