Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tickety Goodness

Oh, and in other (better) news, I got tickets for the Stereophonics! Squeeeee!

And it’s at the Forum. Seriously, this is some excellent, excellent news.

That and the fact that I’m seeing Ross Noble this Friday, Hopefully David O’Dougherty next week, Henry Rollins the week after – what more could I ask for?

Oh, right. David Tennant and a spoon. Yes.


Jeremy said...

David Tennant? Old Mr Massive Overacting? Really?

Coming to another podcast?

Keri said...

He does over-act in Doctor Who, but that goes with the job. In Blackpool he is nothing short of stunning.

And yes, if I am asked. But they're trying to keep the numbers on the night, so it may be that we won't be at the same ones.

Terry Wright said...

I will forgive you for not liking The Beatles.
Only because you're going to see Henry Rollins though.

Lucky girl.

Keri said...

I saw him at the National Theatre last time he was here and he was sensational.

This time it's at the Comedy Theatre, so it should be even better.

Roll on April 18!

Chuck A. Spear said...

You must do a review of Rollins.

Keri said...

Will do, Chuck.