Tuesday, April 22, 2008

An open Letter

Dear Triple M,

I know Dakota by the Stereophonics is a good song. Trust me, I know. But have you heard the rest of that album, Language. Sex. Violence, Other? Or for that matter, the album previous – You Gotta Go There To Come Back? Or, what some consider their finest work, Just Enough Education to Perform? There are dozens of tracks just on these three albums, such as Mr. Writer, Have a Nice Day, Maybe Tomorrow that are infinitely better than Dakota. And they’re just as commercial, honestly they are. Especially Have A Nice Day.

And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that you feel the need to play a Stereophonics song at least twice a day. I think it’s lovely. Especially with the concert at the Forum coming up on the second of May. But for the love of god and all his tiny angels, could you please play a Stereophonics song other than Dakota occasionally? Especially seeing it’s one of their lamer efforts.


Stop-Before-My-Ears-Start-Bleeding, Melbourne


Evil Bill said...

If you listen to Triple M you get everything you deserve.

Keri said...

Dude, unless I quit my job or stage a revolution, I don't have much choice. Usually I get my own ferak on with a headphone in one ear, but my I-Pod is on the blink.

Evil Bill said...

Stage a revolution. I am sometimes made to listen to Fox FM in here but as a result demanded my own office. Even when the boss gave in and let me have my own office, I'm off to work somewhere else. Any place that tolerates people listening to commercial FM radio is not worth working for.

If I hear one more gotcha call in my lifetime I may very well go postal.

Keri said...

Evil Bill, please go postal. And make sure you do it in an Austereo premises.