Tuesday, April 29, 2008

News in Briefs


1. My mobile is suddenly and irritatingly incapable of letting me write a text message. I have no idea why, but if I attempt it the bloody thing knocks itself off, then back on again, and absolutely refuses to let me write anything. I can only assume I am the victim of some kind of high-level censorship. Be prepared for phone calls in the place of texts and other irritating deviations from my usual telephonic habits.

2. My brother was trying to recall the name of one of the So You Think You Can Dance top twenty on Sunday night, and thought his name might have been Sheridan.

Turned out it was Hilton.

Clearly my brother has preferences when it comes to luxury hotels I was previously unaware of.

3. I’m currently counting down the days to Stereophonics at the Forum. I haven’t been at the Forum since Cake in 2005, and I’m almost as excited to be going back there as I am at finally, finally seeing Stereophonics live.

That is all.

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