Thursday, April 17, 2008

Learning How To Argue Day 1

I'm on a course at the moment, which one of my freinds has decided to term "Learning How To Argue" It's a "Negotiating Skills" cert IV, and the group of people I'm taking it with are a delightful bunch of people. But some interesting terms and comments have flown around. For example:

  • Someone used a new word - "Compromisation" with a totally straight face
  • Someone used the word pernicious. I nearly fell off my chair
  • "You really are a fan of Capitalism, aren't you?"
  • In response to a discussion on respected and not so respected topics involving nurses and used-car salesman "Well, you don't see many used-car salesman outfits, do you?"
  • On someone being asked whether they made a judgement on their current partner straight away - "Well, I had been drinking"

Two of the above were my work. Try and guess which ones.


Bron said...

Well, we can rule out pernicious.

I reckon you ambushed someone with the loaded capitalism question. The other one - I can't choose!

Magic Bellybutton said...

First and last comments. "Well, I had been drinking" should really be a standard answer for anyone who works.

Keri said...

Bron, you got it.

The other was the nurse uniform comment. It came out before I could stop it.