Monday, March 03, 2008

Weekend by numbers

Got out of work on time +5
Had to walk up Hill of Doom anyway –5
Bombers lost to St. Kilda –5
Watched Bombers lose with good company +5
Sister barracks for St. Kilda and sent me SMS mocking me –5
Nobody else amongst the St. Kilda supporters did +5
Cops marathon on CI channel on Foxtel +5
Everyone in New Orleans was arrested, and best I can determine, are let out once a year to participate in Mardi Gras and delight us by getting arrested again +5
“That’s not how we roll in New Orleans” and “That won’t fly” peppered liberally throughout show. Plus, a plethora of odd names, and names ending in numbers +5
Had to do the ironing, or would have been going naked to work –5
Was able to watch the Simpsons, and part of Clerks II whilst ironing +5

Total: 15 points in the positive. A good weekend all round, really.

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