Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So You Think You Can Blog, Part Tiga

I missed last nights So You Think You Can Dance episode, but with the public holiday I missed blogging on Sundays episode anyway. Some points;

Natalie, for the love of God and All His Tiny Angels. Next time you’re sitting in front of the stylist, give them this note from me – you have weird eyes. Don’t make it worse by going the heavy brow-length fringe.

Especially with the half-arsed curl thing you had going. My sister went the curl route on Sunday too, and she looked awesome. My sister is not a stylist, nor did she have the benefit of one on hand. There is no excuse.


I’m also told that although the half-arsed curlery was gone last night, she still looked like trash. Why am I surprised, though? She doesn’t wear pants in any of her music videos.

Vanessa once again mostly kept her mouth shut. Henry got rid of the hair and looks hot. Laura is nothing but a Barbie doll; Anthony is just so smiley and likeable. For some reason what works on him doesn’t work on her. The rest were a bit meh-ish.

And that’s all I have time for, today folks


Ant Rogenous said...

Natalie's hair was no good and her eyes looked as reptilian as ever, but I quite liked the dress she was wearing.

Anyway, WHY THE FECK DOES SHE SHOUT ALL THE TIME? Doesn't her microphone work?

Keri said...

EXACTLY! But then again, she doesn't sing either, she just talks/shouts in tune, so I guess we shouldn't be surprised.

Also, I think it might be to create a sense of "atmosphere" you know - "There are so many people here and they're all so excited that I have to shout to be heard! Yeah!"

Ant Rogenous said...

It gives me the screaming shits. But then again, so does the show ... I just sit there potting the dancers while E tries to enjoy it.

She knew I was an annoying twat before she married me.

Keri said...

I was saying yesterday, all the other reality TV shows have passed me by, but this one has got me.

Also, I do spend most of the time giving shit to Natalie and her hair. I'm not sure where that places me, to be honest.

And I sincerely hope the word "Twat" featured prominently in your wedding vows. That would be impressive