Friday, March 14, 2008

A How to Guide: Looking Blonde without Bleach part.2

Second in this series of How To Guides: How to look Blonde at a train station.

Ideally in this scenario, you will be running late. You will be juggling at least two bags, and have a cardigan in one hand, and a large handbag in the other.

(Sidenote, those who know me; How fabulous is my large black and white handbag? Beautiful, right?)

You'll need to put one bag down, and - this is the important part - do not put down the handbag. Keep that on your arm.

Proceed to put the (buttoned) cardigan on. Pick up other bag, and try and move off in a leisurely fashion.

Realise that youve just put your cardigan on over your large handbag. Somehow, it's all become tangled. You are stuck, being unable to move your arm from it's bag cradling position, and only the kind assistance of a passer-by will save you from manoeuvres that would make the most committed yoga devotee wince.

I don't do mornings. Have I mentioned that?

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