Friday, February 15, 2008

Saturday Night Caller Part II

I asked in a post a few days ago what kind of person rings at 3am four months after they first meet you. I now have a few more questions to add.

What kind of person, after a few days of conversation, slips in “Do you have any cheeky pics to show me?”

For the record, no I don’t. Sorry, but I’m not learning the hard way on this one. It’s not even about the person receiving it forwarding them on, it’s about someone picking up your phone, browsing through and all of a sudden I’m on a website I can’t access at work.

And today’s message was “How are ya naughty naughty girl.”

Lacking a question mark, for a start. Nothing in any of my very few, brief conversations with Saturday Night Caller has suggested in any way that I am a naughty girl, or the kind of girl likely to engage in SMS dirty talk porn. Whether I am or not, he wouldn’t know. I haven’t so much as shaken this mans hand. He’s a friend of a friend I met, with other friends in tow on the way home on Grand Final day. I have no idea where this is coming from. The few conversations we’ve had certainly haven’t indicated that this was on the way. Although the call at 3am did put me off, I must admit.

I know that this isn’t exactly filthy stuff, but this is how it starts. I’ve had this happen before with someone I’d known for years. It started off innocently enough and all of a sudden even I was shocked.

There are only two conclusions I can reach at this point, I think. Firstly, he hasn’t had sex in a very, very long time. Either that, or he’s been in a relationship for a very long time, and has forgotten that there’s usually a gap between meeting someone and sending those kinds of messages. Like figuring out whether they want to receive them or not.
Just a question. Am I being too harsh by thinking that this guy is going to end up being some sleazy perv?

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