Thursday, February 07, 2008

Aural amusement

I’ve got a renewed obsession with my I-Pod. And as there’s nothing else really to post about, I thought I’d put the songs that I’m listening to the most on here. Here’s the top 26 (25 most listened to and one I couldn’t leave out)

Alcohol – Barenaked Ladies – Fun, and disturbing if you listen to the lyrics for long enough.

Alibi – David Gray – The man is a genius.

An End has a Start – Editors – Still not sick of it.

Broken City – Audioslave – Cookie cutter rock, but sometimes that’s what you want.

Bulimic Beats – Catatonia – Oh for that voice.

Comfort Eagle – Cake – I’ve seen them do this live, and it’s a treat.

Corpus Christi Carol – Jeff Buckley – Makes no sense until you listen to the lyrics. And even then, you’d need to know the legend of the Fisher King. And I’m talking the Arthurian legend, not the movie.

Dazed, Beautiful and Bruised – Catatonia – And haven’t we all been there?

Dimbran – Catatonia – Yes, it’s in another language.

Electrical Storm – U2 – Tingles. That’s all I have to say.

Heinrich Manoeuvre – Interpol – And guess who has tickets?

Starlight – Muse – Apparently this is the Muse song I listen to the most. I wouldn’t have picked it.

Imaginary Friend – The middle of this song kicks arse.

Maybe Tomorrow – Stereophonics – Yep, got a bit of a Welsh theme going here, haven’t I?

Mushaboom – Feist – Where most women are singing about how Fabulous their life is, Feist sings about a house in the country with an old dirt road.

Nos Da Cariad – David Gray – It’s actually in English, this one. The title, if memory serves, means Good Night, Sweetheart.

Not like the other Girls – Rasmus. Great album, actually that one. Remember that song In the Shadows? Nowhere near the best song on this album.

One Evening – Feist – She’s good. Very, very good.

Sanssouci – Rufus Wainwright. Any man who sings about the “Boys who made me lose my blues and then my eyesight” in such an upbeat way is alright by me.

She’s a Millionaire – Catatonia – Jesus. Going through quite a Cerys phase here, aren’t I?

This Heart Attack – Faker – Still haven’t got around to listening to the album, and it’s been on my shelf for a month. For shame!

Ta Douleur – Camille – I know the title means Your Pain, but that’s as much as I can understand of this song and I don’t care.

The Curse Stops Here – Whitlams – I was there the first time he played this song live. I defy you to have been there and not cried.

Never you mind – Semisonic – Another fantastic album where the best known song is nowhere near the best song.

Tout Doucement – How is it that there’s three songs on this list in other languages?

Tulsa – Rufus Wainwright – A song about the Killers lead singer. I love the way this song ends “ This is just a reminder about that antique shop that I want to go visit when it’s open when I’m in Tulsa, Oklahoma, just in case ya don’t appreciate this song about you”

Slow news week, people.

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