Monday, February 04, 2008

Where the hell did January GO?

I cannot believe it's February already. It seems absurd that a whole month has past in this New Year already.

Plans are proceeding apace for my mothers 50th birthday, including getting the obligatory photos for the photo-board I’m putting together for her. It was nice to go through the photos with her and pick out which ones she wanted to use. God only knows how it will turn out, but I’ll do my best.

There really isn’t much to update about at the moment. In response to an almost weekly question I’m getting asked, I still haven’t heard from B since the day after the debacle that was New Years Eve, and nor do I expect to. I think there are some break-ups that you can walk away from still being on good terms, and it’s more than possible this isn’t one of them. From his side, anyway. I don't do grudges. And apart from the whole not being entirely honest or making up his mind, I have no personal injuries to resent (Bonus geek points if you can tell me what novel I've butchered that from) I'm sure I've been guilty of far worse in the past.

It's a shame, really. He has my sheet music of Space and Cerys Matthews “The Ballad of Tom Jones” It took me years to track that down. Cost me a whole six dollars, too.

Anyway, in other news, Essendon’s inter-club match is this Saturday, and A and myself will be heading along to get our long-overdue fix of red and black. I’m hoping for good signs, a moderately warm day, and a good night at my stepfathers birthday afterwards.

More posts upcoming, and I promise I’ll get around to compiling and completing that list of my favourite books. Soon. Ish.

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