Monday, February 18, 2008

Fixage and fixtures

Much fixage going on at the moment. I’ve had my two front teeth fixed up (For those who know me – you know how they were both chipped and kind of ridgy? Well, I’ve had them fixed up. They’re smooth and un-chipped and shiny)

In other fixage news, I’m going to have a mole cut out of my arm next month. Not for cosmetic reasons, since I’d have no skin left if I got every freckle/mole thing removed, but because I have a Keratosis thing. He also referred to it as a “Barnacle” which I found a bit insulting. It doesn’t look like a barnacle, it doesn’t feel like a barnacle. It’s an odd mole, that’s all. No big deal, but the doctor wants to check it out, and hacking part or all of it out seems to be the way to go.

Also, as of this Saturday, I’m moving away from red hair. I’ve had red hair since last May (I got my hair cut short and coloured from blonde to red the day after the Break Up. How predictable) and it’s getting a little old now. Currently, it’s the fetching red you see in the new profile picture.

But you should see it in the sun. It’s so red. And I’m done with red, I think. I think it’s time for something that’s a bit subtler. I think it probably would have been a good idea to decide that three weeks ago when I got it coloured last (Courtesy of my very obliging Stepmother) but anyhow. I’m going back to blonde, something approaching my own colour, with a bit of warmth thrown in. So Saturday will see me at the hairdressers/best friend of my mothers for “At least a few hours”

Friday will in all probability see me either at the Telstra Dome or in front of a TV, watching my Boys take on some barky little rabble (I reserve the right to edit this post in the event we lose. And to ignore any reference made to it)

And Monday is the Interpol concert at Festival hall, and barring a hot day, it should be fantastic.
All in all, it’s shaping up to be a good week.

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