Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Comedy and Corrections

I am not booking tickets for Henry Rollins this afternoon. Tickets go on sale on Monday. Should probably have checked that before spending the best part of ten minutes on hold and talking to a lady at Ticketek who was so familiar with the god of Spoken Word that she made me spell Rollins.

However, I am booking Comedy Festival tickets. So far I’ve got the following on my list of things I Must See And Must Book Now Before I Forget And Miss Out For Another Year;-

Stephen K Amos
Ross Noble
Jason Byrne
Mark Watson

I’m assuming that this years line-up is finalised, which makes me a bit sad, as usually there’s at least a dozen acts I really want to see. I haven’t gone through the online guide with a fine tooth comb by any means, but usually I have to whittle my list down by at least three times to get a number approaching a reasonable one. This year, there are just too many acts I could take or leave. And two of the above acts? I’ve seen at least twice before (If you’re bored, try and guess which two, without looking in my archives)

Anyone got any recommendations on acts I’ve possibly not considered that I should see? I figure this is the last year I’ll gorge on Comedy, and from now on I’ll try and limit myself, so go crazy!


John Surname said...

The comedy festival is my Christmas and New Year rolled into one. I can usually only afford to see a few acts unfortunately.

Last year I saw Stephen K. Amos in the city, walking down the street. He said "Get the fuck out of my way, Honky."


David O'Doughty(?) is very funny.

Keri said...


David O'Dougherty? I have no idea if I've spelt that right either. I'll have a look.

I've already dropped $150 on it so far, and that was just on Amos and Noble. I can't seem to book Jason Byrne and Mark Watson from work, so I'll have to call. And I hate calling. The automated system shits me so much I usually end up just saying "Donkey" to see what it comes up with.

Keri said...

You know what I've always wanted to do? The Comedy Tonne. 100 free shows! But this year it's groups of two and I'm not dragging someone else around Melbourne for three weeks because of my comedy tragicness. I've done that the last four years as it is.

Kiki said...

Good words.