Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Things like this make me sick

Last week, Tyra. This week, Curves.

I swear, I'll write a non-preachy post soon.

There's a Curves at the bottom of my street. I'd been thinking about joining them. Maybe. Until I found out some interesting information about what the founder does with 10% of the profits.

Here's the Snope's Scoop:

I do not advocate, and could never countanence a single cent of my money going towards any organisation who lies to woman about links between abortion and breast cancer at a time when they need support, not pressure.

Sometimes I despair, I really do.


Ami said...

The owner is pro-life, and uses his own personal money to do that. Suggesting he shouldn't do what he believes in? The 10% curves charity support is undisclosed.

He also personally supports women's health care centers that offers all medical services and are supports for low income non-insured women.

Before you get sick though, you should always understand why the other side believes the way they do. They believe they are helping young children who cannot defend themselves.

Abortion advocates are not much better at 'the whole truth'. In Marion County, Oregon they campaigned heavily against a law that would require full medical disclosure of abortion risks in 1992.

Not sure about the lies about the link between abortion and breast cancer (there is none) But both pregnancy and especially breastfeeding protect against it. I suspect right to life fanatics are blowing that out of proportion.

And I've seen women pressured into abortion, or running away from such pressure (both mom and boyfriend, mom will kick her out if she doesn't)

What is support, really?

And why has the Pro-Choice movement taken over so much energy in feminism that there is more anger over that than domestic violence and denial of education, which harms many more women (and children) across the globe?

Nothing is black and white.

Keri said...

Nothing is black and white, I agree. And the owner of Curves has every right to do whatever he wants with his money. And it's commendable that he also donates to Womens Health Centres.

At the same time, I can't advocate, or countenance any of MY money going towards any organisation that uses subterfuge to apply pressure for their own moral beliefs on a woman who is in a situation where they most need support. And that works both ways.

I would never agree to any of my money going towards any pro-choice organisation that engaged in subterfuge either.

It's honesty and compassion I'm looking for, not lies and pressure.

No matter what side that lies on.