Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Afternoon Vitriol

Ladies and Gentlemen: Set your bastard rays to stun.

The Tyra Banks show recently sent out a call for participants in a show they were doing on infertility. Sounds laudible. No issue so far. But they sent out two calls, with very different wording.

The first was sent to various infertility agencies and support networks to encourage members of the organisations to get involved. It run thus:

The producers of the Tyra Banks Show are looking for women and men in the New York City area to share their experiences coping with infertility on an upcoming show. They are interested in hearing from both couples and women and men individually on how you've dealt with the emotional ups and downs of infertility and found inspiration to keep trying.

Again, no problems so far.

Then, a second call came out, this one on the Tyra Banks Show website. See if you can spot the difference. It’ll be hard, I know, but do your best:

Do you know a woman who is obsessed with becoming a mom? Have you seen and heard her struggle for years, felt her unvoiced jealously and seen her desperation first hand? Have you watched silently for too long as she gets her hopes up only to be disappointed and heartbroken when she can’t conceive? Has she tried extreme methods and spent a lot of money to get pregnant with no luck? Do you want to finally tell her she needs to stop the emotional and physical stress on her body and seriously consider adoption or a surrogate alternative? If you know a woman who is obsessed with becoming a mom and getting pregnant, then submit below.

They are basically setting up people with a legitimate medical condition for a fall. A public, humiliating, painful fall.

Although it would be pointless to entirely blame Tyra Banks, because doubtless she doesn't choose either the topic or the way call-outs are worded, I find it very, very difficult to believe that she would not have at least known the premise of the show before it was given the go-ahead. I also have trouble believing that she wouldn’t have a clause in her contract stating that she has final veto on anything she feels would damage her reputation.

Tyra, a quick word in your ear, sweetie. Twelve and a half per cent of the population has issues with fertility. You've just pissed every, single, solitary one of them off. If this gets picked up in the Mainstream media, expect that percentage to jump.


Merriyank said...

I have no idea how I found your blog originally but I have it bookmarked and enjoy reading it. It makes me sound normal as well LOL. Cheers Keri.

Maree said...

Thanks! That's so nice of you to say. isn't that the best thing about the internet? You think you're the only freak in the pile and then you find out there's a hundred other people just like you.

Ami said...

Amen to that. The post and the comments.