Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Music soothes.....

I have a CD player/clock radio that I received as a present some years ago, and although the alarm function works perfectly, the CD playing bit gave up the ghost when I moved back in with the parents. I think it was just one shock too many for the poor thing.

I received from 78 Records (Look it up, I can't be bothered) a copy of Lighthouse Family's excellent CD Postcards from Heaven. I'd had it years ago, lost it not long after that, and it was so soothing to me at a time in my life when I needed to be soothed.

So with no expectation that it would work, but with a sigh because I can't load it on to the Ipod, I tried it in the CD player.

It worked. Joy. Serious elation.Oh. Small things, people, small things.

And you know the best thing about this CD now? I never once listened to it whilst I was in a relationship, at any time in my life (I don't know why. It's so joyful, this CD. It's perfect for when you're happy with someone) so it is memory free. Driving to Mount Dandenong (Yes, I was in the drivers seat. Much applause to B for putting up with me) on Sunday on a beautiful sunny day and having lunch at Sky high because, hey, WE GOT THERE ALIVE WITH ME DRIVING is now imprinted on it.

Although it does seem to induce some kind of narcolepsy in B, so I might have to keep the listening to it to myself.

More books tomorrow people. No time today.

kisses, etc. mwah

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