Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I'm certainly not the hare in this race

So, continuing in my work pounding the pavement (Not with a jackhammer, fool, I’ve started running) I went for a half-hour run last night. It wasn’t easy, and I felt like I was going to drop dead at the end of it, but I found a rhythm while I was running, and was able to run a fair distance and keep the running up for half an hour without a break. I felt both good and bad afterwards. I felt good that I can do this now. I felt good that I’d gone the whole way, even though it was hard, and I didn’t like it at times, and it was hot and I still went. But I also felt bad that I have left it so long. I know I’m better placed now to start it and keep it up, but I could so easily have done this a year ago. All it would have taken was a bit of willpower. Because once you get out there a few times, you enjoy it. The endorphins everyone raves about after exercise? Real. I felt great this morning. A little weary, but great. And raring to go again.

Anyway. Using the power of Whereis, a ruler and my calculator, I think I ran 4km last night in 30 minutes. Which is slow. Faster than previously, but slow. By my reckoning, at that pace it would take me almost a full workday to complete a full marathon. But it wasn’t about pace, it was about running for the full half an hour, and that meant slowing down. Slowing down to the pace of a tortoise, sure. But it meant I kept that heart rate of mine consistently up for half an hour. It was definitely up at the end of it, I can tell you. And if I can keep this up over Guts-A-Thon 07'/Christmas, then I might not enter January feeling like I have to start again – I’ll just be continuing the good work.

So if you see a girl with a bright blue Ford T-Shirt (It’s a work shirt. And no, I don’t work for Ford. Long story) with pigtails and glasses crawling/running around the North East, give her a cheer. It might not be me, but it’ll make whoever it is feel better about killing themselves in the name of fitness.


Lily Lane said...

Congratulations on keeping up the good work! It's been a long time since I was able to run for a full half hour.
You gave me a brief stroke of motivation when I read this, but unfortunately I found an excuse (as always) before I could act on it. ...I've just had lunch, you shouldn't run on a full stomach...
I bet I won't do it on an empty stomach either though. :-(
Keep it up! Merry Christmas

Keri said...

That's why I've set myself the task of running every other day - and I run at night so I don't have those excuses. Trust me, I'm the queen of excuses, but it can be done. In fact, I'm going for a run today! It's hard to get in the habit, but once you do, you wonder why you never did.

And when I say "running" for half an hour, I'm going so slowly I could be going backwards to make sure I can run for the full half hour!