Thursday, December 06, 2007

Blurry spiders and True Believers

B knows what he likes when it comes to music. He also seems to know what others will like. Last night he took me to see the Roots and All tour thingy JJJ has been putting on all around the country and the Corner Hotel. The main act was Carus and the True Believers, and they were good. There was another band (B, help me out here?) who I’ve forgotten the name of, and Rob Sawyer. B has seen all three acts before, so he acquainted me with what to expect, but my GOD. Rob Sawyer has an amazing voice, but those hands. Those…… hands. You know when you see a guitarist who is excellent, and their hands move like spiders – just all over the place?

Rob Sawyers hands were like blurry spiders. Spiders on speed. He was just incredible. B kind of laughed at me because I’m just sitting there gob-smacked, like a child with Santa or something.

The down side to all this music watching is that you get very tired. Gigs tend not to be held during the afternoon, and last night I got home at half one. Which is fine once in a while, but I can’t make a habit of it. For one, I start work at 8am. Secondly, B gets grumpy when he is tired – and I have less patience when I am tired. Thirdly, we will be poor, even though some of these gigs are free or cheap, if we go to one or two gigs a week (Which is what we’re doing at the moment)

Anyway. The chick up the front who was dancing like an idiot at the Corner last night? Twas I. If this keeps up, that boy of mine is going to wear me out.

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