Friday, November 02, 2007

Something old, something new, something borrowed, nothing blue

Jeepers. I can't believe how long it's been since I updated this thing.

No excuses this time. Things have happened and I've just put some things on the backburner. I'll try, I swear I'll try this time.

Okay, so what's new? Erm, The Boy and I are no more. And permanently, this time. Definitely permanently. I'll try and make this bit quick. We'd been living together for about 5 months, and I lost my job. And I'd had a bad run with jobs - made redundant, not made permanent in another, and the latest I was told my services were no longer required because the Branch Manager I was going to be Credit Analyst for didn't start. That was on a Wednesday. On the Thursday, The Boy walks in, and says he can't be in a relationship with someone who can't hold down a job, and who always thinks they're right. And I had two days to find somewhere to live and get my stuff out. So, thanks for that. See ya later.

So off I goes to my parents house, and they've been amazing. They couldn't have been better to me. That was five months ago, and in the meantime I've lost 12 kilos, gotten a great new job, closer to home, quit smoking (120 hours and counting!) Been on holiday with my best mates, and met someone else. I've been seeing him for about two weeks, and all's going well so far.

His name I won't disclose, in the grand tradition of not putting peoples names on the Internet, but let's call him B, since his name starts with that.

He's sweet, he's kind, he's funny, we get on like a house on fire (Three hour phone conversations, texting like crazy, 10 hour dates) and the most random things happen on our dates.

Our first date we went Bowling and discovered that I can bowl just as well (hideously, incidentally) with either hand. Which he found hilarious. Then we played pool for five hours, and we discovered that I'm not as bad as I thought I would be after a three year hiatus, and that B's a natural. Then we went for dinner, and during the course of it it became clear that I was getting rapidly ill. So he dropped me home early - seven hours after our date had commenced. Our next date I met him at his work in the city, and we went for dinner at one of my favourite restaurants - Blue Train - and one course took us three hours to finish because we were talking at a hundred miles an hour. We walked around Southbank for hours, sitting on a bench for a while and listening to the beat of the drums coming from up the river. At one stage, I went into the toilet and came out to find him sitting on top of a 15 foot rock like some kind of gnome. On our third date we played pool again, went for dinner at a Thai restaurant where the service made him angry and made me laugh, drove down to St. Kilda for coffee and a fifteen minute firework display started up about five metres from where we were sitting.

Neither of us had any idea why, because there didn't seem to be anything going on to warrant it, but it was pretty damn amazing to see. Then we walked along the pier, and sat and looked at the Cityscape for a while, and then went on a bay cruise. None of it was planned, but things just tend to work out that way.

It's just been great to get to know someone from scratch and discover all the things about someone in good time.

And without further ado, I'm shutting up, because I'll bloody well jinx it, and who knows what'll happen with it? It's all so new.

I'm trying to think of other news? Oh yes. The election. I'm sick of it. John Howard throws money at us. Surprise, surprise. Rudd looks smug. Shock, Horror. Bring on the 24th so I can stop bloody hearing about it. I've gone full circle back to apathetic about politics again.

Sheesh. Nothing for months and then I can't shut up.

Night folks!

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