Thursday, March 29, 2007

New Arrival

I've totally forgotten to put on here about our new arrival! It's a new little addition to the household, and although she does have "monster hours" where she drives both The Boy and I insane, she's definately worth it.

And here she is;

Her name is Tess, as I had just finished reading Tess of the D'urbervilles when we got her. And she just looked like a Tess. She's generally well behaved, has had one accident to date, and strictly speaking, that wasn't her fault, and apart from occasionally trying to eat the string at the bottom of the blinds, she doesn't destroy anything. Much. Tess likes tissues, her feathery toy, escaping outside (although she doesn't like the capture bit so much) and kangaroo mince. And steak, if she can get it off the bench. Her favourite colour is green (She's fascinated by anything green that comes on the TV) and her favourite pastime is chasing a ball of foil around the house. Of all the toys she's been given, the foil wins hands down.

She has a few traits that are peculiar for a cat. Such as not liking her belly scratched. And I'm not talking she likes other scratching better, she will not let you scratch her stomach. She doesn't mind you touching her nose, which is also peculiar, and most odd, she loves it when you play with her front paws. I have never known a cat to actively like that. She's also very affectionate, and if you stand still for long enough, she will wash you. She also carries things around in her mouth, like her foil balls. The Boy calls her Motor Mower, because she purrs at the slightest provocation. In fact, for the first week we had her, the only time she stopped purring was when the vet turned water on and held her near it so she could listen to her chest and heartbeat.

Enough! Here, for your viewing pleasure, is another photo;