Thursday, May 11, 2006

Random morning thoughts

The hot-air balloons are back over Melbourne. I haven't seen them for a few weeks, and I look out for them every morning. I don't know why they hold such a facination for me, but for some reason I can't stop watching them, and wishing I was up there too. Maybe one day.....

Is anyone else sick and tired of the "Pick up and Post" radio ad? It gets stuck in your head for hours at a time, and all I can think for the first hour of my work day is "If you've got a package to pick up, got a parcel to post, anywhere, coast to coast..." Please, please, release me. It's worse than the time I got the locomotion in my head. And that's saying something.

Dogs ARE the best people. At the moment we have my step-sisters (First use of the word Step-sister! Hee!) dog living at our place, and there is nothing better than a big ball of energy racing to the door and being that happy to see you that they have to jump on you, and lick you, and dash around like a mad thing. No person ever gets that excited to see me, ever. But maybe that's just me.

Check it out! Posts on two successive days! A record for the last year or two, surely.

Oh, and there's no better end to a night than a Hugh Laurie double. Specifically, House followed by Blackadder the Third. Still debating as to whether his Prince Regent is better than his turn in Blackadder goes Forth. The jury is still out.

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