Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Songs that have been following me around:

- As always, “Bring me some water” Can’t for the life of me remember the band name. It’s followed me around for a year, and never bodes well.
- Tubthumping by Chumbawumba (No idea how to spell the band name, though) – which has made me giggle, considering the circumstances.
- Have a Nice Day – Bon Jovi. Bad, because I’m likely to start singing along on trams, or at the very least, stamp my feet in appropriate places

Songs I’ve had stuck in my head:

- Made me Hard – Whitlams. One day I’ll put the lyrics up here. It’s apt at the moment.
- Keep the Faith – Bon Jovi. And excellent gym song, as I found out last night.
- I Will Not go Queitly – Whitlams. Not a reflection of the current situation, but one that always makes me smile and tap my feet
- Superman – Stereophonics – I just love the way Kelly growls the lyric “You got a woman but you want her gone, so you can sleep with a teenage blonde” It’s so bitter. A good walking-in-the-city-song.
- The Thomas the Tank engine theme song. And the smurfs theme song. I used to drive The Boy nuts singing that at him when we were in lifts and he couldn’t get away. Good times, Good times.

That’s all really. Songs and lyrics float in and out of my head at the most inopportune times, and sometimes it’s bizarre to jot them down and have a look at them.

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