Monday, January 09, 2006

Bright Side

Well, a week and a bit on, and my head is still up. Amazing really. I think I’ve done pretty well. And I’ll say this; it’s times like these you find out who your friends are, and find out the quality of the people who make up your support base. And on that note, there are people that I must thank for keeping me sane and forcing me to drink, eat or sleep when I couldn’t face it: -

Danny, for listening to me, and respecting my decision even though you think I’m an idiot, and for listening to me when all you wanted to do was sleep.

Leis, for telling me that everything I’m feeling is perfectly normal and re-enforcing to me that I haven’t done anything wrong. It somehow means more coming from someone who studies brains in detail for a living.

Andy, I don’t even know where to begin. I have not the fingers and toes. Thank you for knowing me well enough to know something was wrong, but letting me tell you in my own time. Thank you for listening to me at three in the morning. Thank you for giving me the ability to cry and get it out. I hadn’t been able to cry about it, except once in anger since it happened. Thank you for saying exactly what I needed to hear, and meaning every word of it. I love you too mate. And my teeth are only better than yours because I’ve spent a thousand dollars at the dentist recently. And thank you for saying I remind you of yourself. I could think of no higher compliment.

Shane, for making me feel strong and for the trivia questions. You learn something new everyday. It’s not likely to be useful if I learned it from you, but I learn something regardless. And no, you wouldn’t want to meet me down a dark alley. Although what either of us would be doing down a dark alley is anyone’s guess.

To everyone (especially those I work with) who haven’t minded when I’ve had to cut them off mid-sentence to throw up, and thank you for the advice on mints, liquids and what food I am most likely to keep down. And for not pushing me for details.

And I want to re-enforce this for everyone, as I know there are those who are worried about me. I AM okay. And to those who are reading this casually and thinking, as those at work have, that I must be pregnant, I am NOT.

I won’t go into details about what is happening here, as there are bits of it that I have given my word will go no further, and even though the people involved deserve no consideration from me, I won’t go back on that. But rest assured that I do have my head up, I’m not falling apart (much), and I’m getting on with it. Not very well, truth be told, but I’m okay. Well, I’m as okay as I can be in the circumstances.
Again, to those above, and those I won’t name as they’ve never been named here before, I love you all and I just can’t thank you enough.

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