Thursday, August 18, 2005

Things I’ve noticed while overseas:

*When people say Australians are more laid back than other countries, their right. It’s like being the water in a washing machine – the clothes are getting all tangled up, swishing around and talking really fast and loud, and the water’s just milling around, gently spinning and wondering where the nearest bar is. Okay, not exactly like a washing machine, but you get my point.

*The beer is flat here. Sometimes without a single bubble. And Sod’s law dictates I always get the flattest beer. Universally acknowledged as the truth.

*The chocolate tastes different over here. Probably because of the different climates, but the chocolate over here is much creamier, much richer.

*There are more South Africans on working holidays than any other nationality. I can’t believe there are that many South Africans and there’s still any left in their own country. It’s unbelievable. And why are they all single, attractive men?

*Why do they insist on making you scull pints? Through a straw?

*It’s not polite while driving through picturesque countryside to snigger, point out the window and giggle “Sheep!” because you find it amusing that they wander the roads quite freely

*Nor is it polite at 2.30am to start Baaing back at the sheep you can hear bleating in the moonlight (For some reason, you can only hear them when the moon is out – must be fear of the Werewolves) outside someone’s window.

*Or for your brother to pretend to chant like a Gregorian monk in a 600 year old Cathedral. Or shout “Ke! Ke! Come over here! Look at this candle, it can’t get it up!’ At a lopsy candle lit for the starving in Africa. Or something.

*Foam pouring from the ceiling onto revelling party-goers is not good for your Jeans.
*Or your make up
*Or your hair
*Or your handbag
*Or for trying to convince people you aren’t inebriated

*Time is weird. Time has gone really fast, then really slow. Usually depending on how long ago it has been since I’ve spoken to The Boy.

*It is a law universally acknowledged that the further away from your Boyfriend/Girlfriend you are, and the less interested you are in anyone else, the more men/woman will hit on you, the hotter they will be, and the more diverse their nationalities.

That is all for today. It’s 2.45 am. I’m not tired, but I need to lie down, and give my brain a stern talking to about the effects of sleeplessness coupled with jet-lag, seeing The Boy again after 4 weeks apart and starting a new job.

Last update from Wales tomorrow. I'm staying at my Grandmothers from tomorrow night until the wee hours of Sunday morning, when I catch the bus from Cardiff to London and catch my flight. I'm back on Tuesday.

See you soon!!!!!