Thursday, November 18, 2004

I'm currently engaged in an interesting debate going on at Dreadnought regarding Abortion and Marine War Crime Footage. As a result, my own post on Abortion, influenced by John's reponse to my objections to his position, will have to wait until tomorrow. We aren't at different ends of the spectrum, but he draws the line at ANY abortion in ANY circumstance, and I am of the belief that there are circumstances (Preeclampsia, genetic defects resulting in infant death shortly after birth, etc) where it ISN'T morally reprehensible. An interesting debate has ensued, and I must say, although I don't agree with his views, I find the manner in which he puts them forward delightful.

And yes, that means I've stopped wallowing in my own issues and decided to get my teeth into some REAL issues. Belatedly or not. Out of the quagmire, into the frying pan.....

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