Thursday, September 09, 2004


Fuck. The day started off so well. Had a fairly succesful 8.30 meeting, though The Boy missed the bus because the bus driver is a bastard. Again, the man is so rude it beggers belief.

Got the house to myself tonight, as my father is playing darts, so if my latest purchases of Pride and Prejudice on DVD (Yes, Jeremy, it IS an obsession) and Black Books Series three are waiting for me then I've got a good night of couch-time booked in. If not, then maybe I'll clean my room. More likely I'll give Love Actually another spin, or find something else I haven't watched yet.

Anyway. Apparently there's been a bomb blast at the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. Jeremy at Melbourne Lefty has the details, so go have a look if you haven't already. Hope they catch the sons of bitches who did it, and they burn in hell while their however many virgins taunt them with something long and pointy and sharp. Martyrs my arse. Anyone who strikes at innocent is no fucking martyr in my book.

It's also occured to me that I've made a rather large oversight and not linked to Scott over at Inhibitory Links, so here's your link, Scott, and it'll be in the sidebar by tomorrow morning. Sorry, mate. Should have been done months ago.

Anyway, by now I'm sure The Boy is waiting at the bus stop, as I'm running stupidly late again, so thats all from me for today.

Fuck I talk some shite. And boring shite at that.


ccr said...

Black Books season 3? Holy shit. I went into some crazy time capsule, I remember waiting for season 2 to be made...

Beg your pardon, I must shovel coal into my auto-mechanical mobile contraption thus to travel in a departurous direction. Good day.

Keri said...

Yeah, it came out on DVD pretty quickly. Season two has been around for at least a year and a half though. I should pick up season three today, so I'll let you know what I think.