Tuesday, September 28, 2004



Because I am a simpering moron when it comes to those codey things (alright, I'll use the real word - templates. Happy?) I have only just updated my blog with new linkage, and fixing up old linkage that had gone awry. So, please make welcome:

The Supermacado Project (Has been on the sidebar for a while, but I'd fucked up the address)
The Line of Contempt (From the makers of John Howard: PM)
Burnt Karma (If the theory holds, I'm going STRAIGHT TO HELL)
Inhibitory Links (Should have been up here three months ago)
Ms. Hairy Legs (Go.Look.NOW)
Twisting and Turning through the Never (The Boy's blog. I'm so lazy my boyfreind takes two months to get a gig!)

So. Go and check out some blogs created and maintained by people far more talented, interesting and amusing than myself. But, give me kudos as you shut the door for finally working out how to get the linky table thing wider. It's taken me five months, and I'm very proud of it.

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