Friday, August 13, 2004

So, who's the mystery person searching for my name and the word blog? And why do you use Alta-Vista, specifically? And are you the same Alta Vista user who searched for "definition of Macro-economics" and my blog came up second on the list? Poor bastard. Maybe I should put a section on here about finance and economics and my tenous grasp on both..... or not. Anyway. Mystery people, leave a comment! I really would like to know who reads this thing.

Musings of a Friday afternoon are never bound to be productive or thought-provoking, but it's possible I've set a new low today.

Ah well, drinks with The Boy tonight before he goes to the footy, and dinner and a movie tomorrow. What more could a girl want? Apart from a packet of Tim-Tams that never runs out, and maybe a big bunch of flowers.

But if you can't have absolutely, positively everything, bloody close to perfect will just have to do.


Jesskimo said...

i'm not your alta-vista person but i am a mystery person reading your blog. i found your blog by doing a 'vanity google search' of my name. It's just my cheap-ass way of media monitoring - finding out where my name has gone out in cyberspace and why. I've got a bit of flack for that but meh, who cares. I've got some spare time this afternoon between one appointment and another so i'm just gonna sit here and read your blog :)


Anonymous said...

(I thought Google and Yahoo killed that off)
Definition of Macro-economics?
(I may have searched for that topic... 3 years ago! And I would have used Google!)

Alas, I am not the "mystery person".

Behold, I am "The Boy"!

And by the time Keri sees this, she will have got that big bunch of flowers!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm the disgruntled bus driver. 23 years of driving a bus, it tends to cut you deep, emotionally.